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Laguna car air freshener 65ml / 750ml

£4.50 - £13.99

Laguna (Lagoon)

Air freshener with the scent of sea breeze.

Laguna is an air freshener by ProElite, which will envelop the room with a sea breeze and a seaside atmosphere. The fresh aroma will stimulate even the most tired senses. In addition, it is able to release dormant energy reserves and put everyone in a positive mood.

The marine scent of Laguna has several unusual features - it smells amazing, is extremely long-lasting, and unrivaledly copes with the most unwanted odors, leaving behind a captivating aroma. The pleasant and fresh scent of sea air will perfectly fit into any room. The sea breeze quickly rises, replacing the undesirable smell with a fresh composition, leaving it for a long time.